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We know the textbook definitions of the words Truth & Lies, but can their meanings change over time? Are they static or fluid? The bold black line we always imagined separating what is true, factual, and correct, and what is not, feels more gray in recent years. The photo portfolios chosen all toe this line as well. Whether it's Emile Askey's new series, Monuments Are Forever, where he takes a road trip throughout the South and Southwest of America to retrace the routes of his childhood travels, or Sadie Weschler's powerful photos of what was left behind by America's Secret War in Laos—they all uncover new facts. Even Elizabeth Moran challenges her initial skepticism as motivation to use photography and paranormal investigators to reckon with her family's haunted history. We encourage you to do a double take while looking at some of the selections in this exhibition. 


6 - 30 June 2019

Location: Writers Square

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Outdoor Print Partner