Jacob Burge / Shelli Weiler / Oli Kellett / Seunggu Kim

It’s impossible to remember everything nowadays. Our internal hard drive is overloaded with information on a daily basis, only a fraction being stored and replayed. Naturally over time, what were once clear and vivid thoughts, end up confused and faded.

This is particularly prevalent in the wake of constructed and fake spectacles within which memories are to be created. Memories of these places become easier to forget, whether they be instagram, selfie factories or fantasy holiday parks that attempt to make the fake, real, therefore lacking both meaning and authenticity. 

Living both on and offline makes this separation between real and fake even more challenging. Sometimes it is important to take a few seconds and occasionally to think ‘Where do we come from?’ and ‘Where are we going?’


From 6 June 2019

Location: St Annes Square

Outdoor Print Partner

Outdoor Print Partner