Matthieu Gafsou

H+ focuses on transhumanism, a movement advocating the use of science and technology to enhance humans’ physical and mental abilities. H+’s photographs are elliptical and have little context. Taken one by one, they baffle more than they explain. Seen together, they weave a web of discourse. Artificial, they resemble their subject: it is no longer known whether the living die by becoming machines or inanimate objects spring to life. H+ talks about our bodies, our everyday lives and our relationship to technology, as well as opens up future prospects. No response is given, but the exhibition can work both as a tool to think about a key issue of our time and as a poetic space that confronts us with the absurdity of our finiteness.

Swiss Cultural Fund

8 - 30 June 2019

Opening: 8 June, 3pm

Venue: Botanic Gardens