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Understanding Photography Ethics

Photography Ethics

This workshop will engage your critical thinking skills in an in-depth conversation about photography ethics.

We have seen the important way that photography has played in global events like the migration of Syrian refugees across the Mediterranean and the surge of violence against the Rohingya community in Myanmar. Photographs shape how we view the world, and when we take and present photographs we are shaping how others view the world. This is an enormous responsibility. In order to meet this responsibility, we need to be ethically literate.

We will begin this workshop by discussing what ethics are and how we make ethical decisions in our own photographic practice. We will then look at key ethical principles, and examine real-life situations to understand how we can apply these principles in different contexts. We will address important issues that are relevant for photographers today, including “fake news”, misrepresentation, and digital manipulation. We will look at examples of altered and misused images to better understand the responsibility of the photographer in these situations.


Understanding Photography Ethics
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Facilitator bio:

 The Photography Ethics Centre is a social enterprise that aims to raise awareness about the ethics of taking and sharing photographs. We offer online training for individuals, workshops for arts and academic institutions, and consultancy for media and development organisations.

 The Photography Ethics Centre does not aim to define what is unequivocally right and wrong. Instead, we present examples, raise questions, and explain different ethical arguments in photography to encourage photographers to develop their own informed ethical stance. 

Savannah Dodd is a photographer and a PhD candidate in anthropology at Queen’s University Belfast. With the Centre, she has conducted workshops in international locations, including at Documentary Arts Asia in Thailand and at the Yangon Photo Festival in Myanmar. Savannah has also developed an online training programme in photography ethics in partnership with the Thomson Foundation. The Photography Ethics Centre has been recognized by a number of awards in the short time that since its founding, including being short-listed for the Howard Chapnick Grant.