Portraiture In The Post

Truth Era

Hiroshi Nomura / Haruyuki Shirai / Yuka Kihara

An exhibition showcasing three exceptional emerging Japanese artists and their responses to the theme “Portraits in the Post-Truth Era,” exploring the most cutting-edge conceptual and technical trends in contemporary photography. In line with Belfast Photo Festivals ethos, the presented work develops and supports young talent from the ground up, while showcasing them to the international photography community.

Hiroshi Nomura uses the technique of photomontage to explore the ambiguous boundary between reality and fantasy while Haruyuki Shirai produces a magical sense of humour.  For Yuka Kihara, she takes photographic creation a step further, mixing reality and fiction by creating portraits of the unidentified dead from nothing but words.

Belfast Exposed

6 - 30 June 2019

Opening: 6 June, 6pm

Venue: Belfast Exposed