Elliott Verdier / Panos Charalampidis / Mary Chairetaki / Giulio Di Sturco / Fumi Nagasaka / Maria Sturm

Reflections of places fallen into abeyance, these photos are but fragments of reality – facts – in an attempt to reconstitute a concealed story, shattered pieces, so difficult to gather and put together. With what is left of their broken dreams and surprising vitality, they are contradictory Neverland’s where great aspirations cross paths with remnants that are found in the country’s landscapes, in it’s peoples minds and sense of identity. Societies rooted in environments where isolation comes into contact with a silent resignation. These artists show echoes of pasts that are being forgotten, that lurk under the surface, ready to rear their heads if only someone paid more attention.


From 6 June 2019

Location: St Annes square